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ETHIOPIA – More than 100 people were killed today in an attack by gunmen in western Ethiopia , the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission ( EHRC ) reported.

The massacre occurred early in the morning at various points in the Meketel area , in the Benishangul-Gumuz region . Just one day after the Ethiopian Prime Minister , Abiy Ahmed , visited the region and address the issue of violence of ethnic character.

A government source reported that the attack was committed by anti-peace elements operating in the region.

The attack, which lasted “several hours”, targeted civilians. They also burned houses and displaced hundreds of people.

Tesfahun Amogne, another witness, testified that he was awakened by gunfire at dawn.

“Soon we were surrounded by up to 500 armed men . Some of us ran for our lives , while others were killed,” he explained, adding that the police were notified “repeatedly” but arrived late.

The Amhara , Ethiopia’s second most populous ethnic group , have been targeted in the past in the region.

On November 1, at least 54 people were killed in an attack that the authorities attributed to the armed group Oromo Liberation Army ( OLA ), according to Amnesty International (AI).

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