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Michael Jordan remains a global sports icon who turns everything he touches to gold. This is also the case with the documentary ‘ The Last Dance ‘, which garnered excellent audience data and has now been awarded the Emmy Award in the category of best documentary or non-fiction series.

ESPN’s production , distributed worldwide by Netflix , of Jordan surpassed Hillary (Hulu), American Masters (PBS), McMillions (HBO) and Tiger King (Netflix) to win the award.

“Thanks to Michael Jordan for giving us his time, his honesty and his frankness. And also to the other 105 who sat down with us and made the story what it is. I hope we put light on such a difficult year,” he said of telematically the director of the documentary, Jason Hehir ┬áin his speech of thanks.

The film, which was seen by more than 30 million viewers outside the United States, showed an image of Jordan never seen and far from what many fans had in mind.

That is why it caused thousands of reactions, some in favor and others against, on the figure of ‘Air’ Jordan and his tough character on and off the court to try to reach the top, thanks to the testimony of teammates and rivals.

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