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During the Festa Jump this year, fans were surprised when the creator of “My Hero Academy” , Kohei Horikoshi , given the great news that the history of UA Academy would end “sooner rather than later” , but that no detainee has your mangaka to share a special message to fans during this era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although, “My Hero Academia” was fortunate that COVID-19 did not prevent the production of its anime, thanks to the fact that it completed production In its fourth season before the pandemic takes hold, that hasn’t stopped Horikoshi from stepping in to help fans of the franchise .

“My Hero Academia” will return in the spring of next year with its fifth season, following the adventures of Class 1-A in the “Training Arc” , which will pit them against their classmates 1-B while They explore the power that resides within Midoriya in the power of One For All. 


The return of the anime is not the only important thing will happen in the future Shonen franchise the next year , as the third film in the series It is also planned to be launched in 2021 .

With the manga seemingly ended the War Arc that pitted heroes against villains in a life and death battle for supremacy.

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