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Actor Macaulay Culkin , best known for playing the “My Poor Little Angel” films, appears every Christmas on televisions as a stroke of nostalgia for the 90s.

However, after retiring at 14 and a tragic childhood,  Culkin made 16 movies in 6 years, generating a fortune of $ 43 million.

Currently, he will have an appearance in a new Disney movie and will charge no more and no less than $ 3 million. However, the excesses and eccentric luxuries have reduced his fortune to only and not inconsiderable $ 15 million. 

Houses in Paris and New York
One of the luxuries that Culkin can afford  is having houses in his two favorite cities, New York and Paris, where he is usually accompanied by his friends or partner on duty.

Leisure and  money is a bad combination, some publications and scandals claim that he spent more than $ 6,000 a month on heroin, so now he looks like an ex- addict . 

Paris Jackson
Taking seriously his role as godfather to the daughter of his dear friend Michael Jackson, Culkin misses no opportunity to party and spend on lavish dinners accompanied by his beloved goddaughter whenever he can.

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