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The Boruto anime is hitting very hard in terms of popularity in his home country, and now the success of this sequel led him to present a new trailer with his next goal: Kawaki’s introduction to the animated series.

The trailer was presented during the Jump Festa Online 2021 and reveals some of the abilities that Kawaki’s body has, as a result of the experiments they carry out with the aim of turning it into a perfect “container”, and finally, after a couple of scenes from the manga reached the climax of the video: Kawaki having his first fight with Boruto in an action-packed duel.

Kawaki has become a mystery within the series since his only appearance was during the prologue of the anime where we saw him preparing to fight the son of the seventh Hokage in the ruins of a devastated Konoha. The arrival of this arc and character also represent the approach to knowing the events that led to that point in the anime.

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