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By Kobe Bryant. The legend of the Los Angeles Lakers, who died in a helicopter accident with his daughter Gianna and seven others in January , is present in the championship rings. In a ceremony held at dawn on Wednesday, the franchise paid another tribute to Kobe. Team members won the ring before the Lakers’ debut this season, in the early hours of Wednesday, in defeat for the Clippers.

The pieces feature a detachable top, which reveals the numbers retired by the franchise, with special emphasis on the two shirts that Kobe wore, 8 and 24. In the background, it is possible to observe the texture of a snake’s skin.

In reference to the nickname and mentality “Black Mamba” , the animal is wrapped around the number of each player’s shirt, on the side of the ring.

The phrase “Leave A Legacy” Lakers ‘playoff slogan – is also engraved in gold with LeBron James’ handwriting on each ring. In reference to the flag of the social justice movement that the whole league, not just the Lakers, raised, the word “unity” also makes up the piece.

There are 0.52 carats of yellow diamonds, representing the Lakers’ 52 wins in the regular season. Altogether, the ring is 16.45 carats and has 804 stones.

This ring eclipses last year’s NBA championship ring as the most valuable NBA championship ring in history, with the most carat weight in diamond than any other ring in history. I mean, in this ring, we really wanted to make a statement. It has been 10 years since the Lakers won. We wanted to go out and really make a statement and really reward these players for a job well done – said designer Jason Arasheben, who along with Don C, created the ring.

To recognize the 95 days that the Los Angeles Lakers spent in the Orlando bubble this unusual season, each of the 17 purple amethyst stones that make up the “L” on the face of the ring weighs 0.95 carats – and, of course, the number 17 means the 17th championship in the history of the franchise.

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