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During the Pokémon anime , the protagonist, Ash Ketchum, never referred to his father, becoming one of the biggest mysteries in this franchise. However, after decades, the animated character has given clues about him in a new movie.

On December 25, Pokémon: The Secrets of the Jungle premiered in Japan , and the original of Pallet Town referred to its father for the first time.

In this new installment, Ash and Pikachu will live a new adventure in the depths of the jungle, where they will meet a “jungle boy” named Coco and his inseparable friend, the unique Pokémon Zarude.

The relationship between these two characters will make the Pueblo Paleta coach remember his father and reflect on him, as confirmed by the director of the film, Tetsuo Yajima, in a recent interview.

Ash shares with Coco that there was a time when his friends laughed at him for dreaming of becoming a Pokémon Champion. After this, the coach affirms that his father told him that the map to achieve this goal was within him and that, if he gave up, his dream would not come true.

Beyond this, no further details are known about who Ash’s father is. Multiple theories ranging from Professor Oak to his mother’s Mr. Mime have made this character the most mysterious in anime.

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