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The New York Jets seem to find the formula to win, but at the same time this takes them away from the first draft pick where Trevor Lawrence is expected to be. A 23-16 surprise win over the Browns pushes them off the bottom while Cleveland struggles with their place in the postseason.With this victory, the Jets go 2-13, which would put them in second place in the Draft, ahead of the Jaguars, who lost to Chicago are 1-14.

Following the win over New York on Sunday, the Browns need to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers next Sunday if they are to end the NFL’s longest postseason streak .In play of fourth and one to advance, with 1:18 minutes to play, some Browns (10-5) come down had a chance to tie the score.

Mayfield tried to push forward for the first down, but lost the ball when Tarell Basham hit him. Kareem Hunt recovered the ball, but by rule Mayfield was the only one who could advance with the ball and the quarterback fell short on the first attempt.The decision stood after video review and the Jets (2-13) sealed their second straight win after starting 0-13.

It was a tough week for the Browns, who haven’t reached the postseason since 2002 and entered the game without seven of their players, including Jarvis Landry, three other receivers and rookie tackle Jedrick Willis.Cleveland had to summon several players from the practice team, and coach Kevin Stefanski held a session in a parking lot near the team’s hotel to get some of the new players caught up on the game plan.

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