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On Monday (14), Chinese manufacturer Oppo announced on its Twitter account a new foldable cell phone concept. The new device has an opening system known as sliding, accompanied by three hinges, to achieve greater portability and vertical use of the screen. The system is the result of the company’s partnership with a Japanese design studio called nendo.

Still without many details, the device called just a ‘slide-phone’ is an initial concept and does not have a functional prototype. Its objective is to present a possible vision of Oppo for the future of its cell phones, in a more tangible way for consumers and investors.


The operation of the cell phone is quite simple. By sliding a hinge, you can access more basic functions of the device on a 40 mm screen, such as call history, notifications and music players. By sliding the second hinge, the device reveals an 80 mm screen in formation with the set of cameras facing the user, ideal for selfies. Finally, when you open it fully, you can enjoy all the vertical space of the screen, ideal for all types of tasks.

As it is an initial concept, there is still no information on the technical specifications, price or launch date of the slide-phone. However, it may soon become a prototype, as happened with the Oppo X 2021 model, which has an expansive ‘scrollable’ screen.

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