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The increase in coronavirus cases made the authorities of the European country decide to suspend non-essential treatments in health centers.

Those who need care in less than six weeks can still be treated to prevent their condition from worsening, clarified the Minister of Health Care of the North European country , Tamara van Ark.

Furthermore, due to the acceleration of the disease in the nation led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte , intensive care beds that were reserved for children will now be used by adults.

These measures taken by the Dutch authorities are anticipating the peak of the spread of the virus that, they believe, would arrive in January, but is already raging today.

For this reason, the Kingdom official called on her fellow citizens to adhere to “the measures of confinement because only then can medical care be kept accessible to everyone who needs it.”

The European country of 17 million inhabitants accumulates more than 721 thousand infections and more than 10 thousand deaths due to coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic.

suspension of air connections with the United Kingdom because of the new variant of the virus detected in that territory.

This new mutation, which appears to be highly contagious, raised alarms around the world and London began to become more isolated. The European Union, however, called for the resumption of “essential” connections.

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