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The arrival of the new consoles has highlighted developments that were already practiced in PC video games in recent years, according to industry experts.

Concepts such as “ray tracing”, “latency” and even “frames per second” have been adopted by the new Playstation and Xbox consoles with their fifth generation products, elements that for years were taken into account by those who enjoyed of the advantages of computers.

“For us, the new generation began in 2018 when we launched the RTX,” the NVIDIA Technical Marketing Manager for Latin America, Alexandre Ziebert, told Efe.

And is not for less. Since then, PC gamers have enjoyed the playability – ease of use than a game – at more than 60 frames per second, and even the refresh rates that reach more than 60 Hz.

According to experts, in 2018 there was already support for processing by “raytracing” (ray tracing) and players were having optimal experiences in the graphic quality of their games.

“Now with the arrival of consoles, we see that practically all games are going to have these graphic resources that we have been using before, providing more quality to the player … now that these resources are there, we love it because we can see the things that developers do with them. Ziebert noted.

For NVIDIA it is more than important that this type of resources be democratized, since as a spearhead in technological innovation for the development of video games, the GPU developer and other companies in the sector consider a goal to be fulfilled.

“Our goal has been met, which is for the entire industry to adopt new technologies, something that we do believe will happen is that a certain game uses 2 or 3 raytracing effects on consoles and on PC we can have many more because we have more powerful hardware, ”warned the manager.

This company launched this pandemic year its Geforce RTX 30 series that allows gamers to find the perfect balance with refresh rates of more than 60 Hz in 4K quality.

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