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Washington.- This Thursday, the Republican minority in the House of Representatives blocked an attempt by Democrats to amend the relief plan negotiated by both parties and vetoed by President Donald Trump , who demanded an increase in the amount of aid.

After months of negotiations, the Democrats, who control the Lower House, and the Republicans, who dominate the Senate, agreed on Monday a package for 900 billion dollars to give oxygen to an economy devastated by the crisis induced by COVID-19 , which destroyed millions of jobs .

The agreement was reached at a key moment, before December 26, when a series of extraordinary aid agreed in an aid package approved at the beginning of the pandemic expires, exposing many households to being left without any type of income.

On Tuesday night, Trump surprised lawmakers by rejecting the agreement reached, which includes extraordinary aid of $ 600 for people in distress, and demanding that it be increased to 2,000 per person.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, tried to unanimously approve an increase in aid to $ 2,000 on Thursday, but Republicans blocked the initiative.

“Today, on Christmas Eve, House Republicans cruelly deprived Americans of the $ 2,000 the president agreed to support,” Pelosi said.

The Democratic leader noted that if Trump is serious about his proposal, he should urge Republicans to stop the “obstruction.” Pelosi later reported that she had sent the law passed Monday to Trump, urging him to sign it.

At the center of the issue is the possibility that the president will not exercise the veto but simply let the deadline he has to sign it pass, which would make the law go to the next legislature, which begins on January 3.

Meanwhile, during this Thursday’s session, Republicans tried to change the amount of foreign aid included in the budget package – another of Trump’s demands – and the opposition responded by blocking this proposal.

Faced with this maneuver, the Republican minority leader of the Lower House, Kevin McCarthy, accused the Democrats of suffering from “selective hearing” problems. With this, the session was adjourned and the Chamber will not meet until Monday, December 28.

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