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The pandemic process we were involved in affected the manufacturing companies badly. Many businesses became out of service. In addition, financial concerns caused the shopping habits of consumers to change. Smartphones also got their share from this situation .

During this period, smartphones moved down the order of needs. In addition, affordable smartphones released by Chinese manufacturers also caused Samsung’s sales to decline. 

According to the latest reports, Samsung will stay below 300 million in smartphone sales this year . For the last 9 years, the company was generally ending the year by selling much higher than these numbers .

However, the fact that there are many affordable smartphones that entered the market this year and Samsung’s competitors increased one by one, causing this sales to drop. On top of that, the epidemic that spread around the world caused the company’s sales to decline. Considering these, it seems quite normal that the company has not reached the smartphone sales it has reached in the last nine years this year. 

According to the announced report, Samsung’s total shipments at the end of the third quarter were 189 million units. Adding the fourth quarter to this account, the company is expected to take over 270 million shipments this year.

However , it is thought that Samsung will rise again with the foldable screen smartphones to be released in 2021 . It is also said that the company will increase its 5G smartphone range. However, the company is expected to produce 50 million flagship models , including foldable smartphones .

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