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A man who played ” Santa Claus” got caught in power lines in the town of Rio Linda, located in Sacramento, California.

The videos and images of the man who was stuck in a power pole, soon went viral due to the concern that this incident generated. However, Sacramento firefighters were able to help him get down safely.

According to international media, the man got caught in the cables after trying to travel in a sled powered by a parachute.

Thanks to the vehicle’s seat belt on , the subject dressed as Santa was hung from the structure and was able to save himself from falling into the void.

After noticing the situation of a man characterized as “Santa Claus”, residents of the area called the firefighters to rescue the subject.

The work to save “Santa Claus” lasted for more than an hour, despite this, the man did not suffer any serious injury.

Christopher Vestal , Fire Captain of Sacramento, California, explained that “Santa” was traveling in a small and hyperlight glider , and the parachute kept him in flight, however, it got stuck.- With information from the Daily Mail.

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