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He is once at the top of the world during his prime as one of the best Pound for Pound boxer behind Manny Pacquiao Ranking and won awards like Fighter of th Eyear last 2010 by The Ring and Boxing Writers Association of America. He also won The Ring’s Knockout of the Year for his rematch victory against Paul Williams and WBC named him their Boxer of the Year in 2010 and 2012.

The fighter Sergio “Maravilla” Martínez defeated Finnish Jussi Koivula by technical knockout in the ninth round, who had a deep cut below the eyebrow and thus paved his way to fight, at 45, once again for the world boxing title, something unimaginable a short time ago due to the knee problems that afflict the Argentine.

The fight took place in Cantabria, Spain, and was Maravilla’s second victory in 2020, to close a great return to the rings. With the victory, the World Boxing Association (WBA) will place him fifth in its world ranking and within a 2021 fight with the current champion, the Japanese Ryota Murata.

After the victory, Maravilla declared that he felt “very good. I did a quiet job, calmly, patiently. I am very clear that I need filming in order to progress. I need long fights where I find time and distance. I think I was able to manage the time and distance of the fight. I started to accelerate and it was over in the cut. In the ninth and tenth he was going to put a lot more cane, “he said.

And he closed: “as soon as the combat began I began to have the distance. I don’t have to have the gaps that I had at the beginning of the seventh round that I relaxed. I need to be involved like in the rest of the fight. I gained in speed, in precision with the jab. The jab is being very powerful, he is doing a good job. I knew I had to attack, “he concluded.

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