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In fact, “WAP” shouldn’t be as controversial as it is. It could be argued that a big reason for the song’s success is because of how controversial it became after its release.

Conservative experts spent weeks criticizing the music’s content, while radio stations kept the music in rotation and people around the world vocalized their love or hate for music.

Snoop Dogg made some criticisms of the music the other day , although he did not necessarily criticize, per se. The legendary West Coast figure expressed his concern about the message that he believed young women would get out of it.

“I just don’t want it to be so fashionable that young girls feel they can express themselves like that, even without knowing that this (vagina) is a jewel they hold on to until the right person appears,” he said, although he admitted that he probably skipped the remix as a young man and even acknowledged that his statement was partly because he is an old man.

It didn’t take long for people to remind him of his own catalog, specifically of his debut album, Doggystyle, and also of the single “Ain’t No Fun”.

Meanwhile, Offset responded in the most respectful way possible . Emphasizing his love for Snoop Dogg, he added that no man should try to get into a woman’s business, especially considering the success of the song. “We must exalt our women. Don’t say what they can and can’t do, ”he said.

The internet, for the first time, praised Offset for coming to the defense of Cardi and Meg. Snoop Dogg later responded to the criticism he was facing while praising Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. He opposed those who were trying to portray him in the wrong way.

“Stop that shitty press. I love Cardi B and Meg’s music, period, and they know that I fully support the female MCs movement, so stop trying to become a hater, ”he wrote. “That song is 6x platinum. Talk about it, ”he added.

Check out Snoop’s post below.

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