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South Korea.- Inside a nuclear fusion device, a group of South Korean scientists managed to turn on and keep a scale replica of the Sun stable for 20 seconds .

From hydrogen, the scientists obtained a plasma (the fourth state of matter) composed of hot ions that exceeded 100 million degrees of temperature.

According to information released by the Korean Institute of Fusion Energy, this is a new world record, since several scientific centers and this same project, known under the acronym KSTAR, only managed to maintain temperatures of 100 million degrees for periods of time significantly shorter.

The previous record set at the end of 2018 by Korean researchers was just 1.5 seconds, and in 2019 that mark was raised to 8 seconds on at least two occasions.

This technology is based on the separation of ions and electrons from hydrogen atoms to generate plasma.

Helium also participates in this experimental platform , but within a refrigeration system.

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