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SAINT PETERSBURG (Sputnik) – The Oktiabrski district court of the Russian city of Saint Petersburg sentenced Russian historian Oleg Sokolov to 12.5 years in maximum security prison for the murder of his former student and lover, Anastasia Eschenko.

“To find guilty and impose a sentence of 12 years in prison for the article ‘murder’ and another of 1.5 years for the article ‘illegal possession of weapons’ (…) The cumulative penalty is 12.5 years in a maximum security prison “, dictated Judge Yulia Maximenko in the hearing that Sputnik witnessed.
The court also decided that there is no reason to trust Sokolov’s statements that he did not remember what happened after the first shot, as well as that his children were the cause of his conflict with Eschenko, because both the historian and his lover were in a long traumatic situation.

Oleg Sokolov, 63, is a renowned expert on Napoleonic wars and the author of several scientific monographs published inside and outside Russia. In 2003 he was decorated by France with the Legion of Honor, for his studies of Franco-Russian relations.
He was accused of having murdered his former student and sentimental partner, Anastasia Eschenko, 24, after a fight they would have had on November 7 in Saint Petersburg.

According to the investigation, the historian fired four shots in the head of the young woman with a sawed-off shotgun, after which he dismembered her body and tried to dispose of the pieces by sinking them in the Moika river, near her home.

Sokolov confessed to the crime , saying that the fight began because the young woman rejected her children and even accused the victim – according to him, transformed into “a fairy tale” – of assaulting him.

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