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The inclusion of breakdance in the 2024 Olympics program may be surprising, but organizers have been convinced of the potential to attract a legion of younger fans and increase the Olympic audience in the internet age, said Paris Games chief Tony Estanguet.

Breakdance is one of four new sports to win a spot at the Paris Games, as well as surfing, skateboarding and rock climbing, after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ratified its inclusion earlier this month.

Estanguet added that, although the decision to add breakdance to the Olympic list received some criticism, most of the reaction that came to his attention was positive.

“What attracted us to this sport was its ability to attract young people,” he said in an interview with Reuters. “It is a sport widely seen on all digital platforms, very consumed by young people,” he says.

“It is very impressive, technically and physically, what these athletes are able to do, which is why we were attracted to this sport. The reaction was very good,” he declared.

“There are always some critics, but, in general, […] I see that, in the different regions of France, there is a very positive reaction to the addition of breakdance as a new sport”, he concluded.

The organizers of the Games were looking for new sports to increase the appeal of the Olympics, and the breakdance fits perfectly because it was already part of the schedule of the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games (2018).

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