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In Sweden, like many countries in the world, they are fighting to stop the infections caused by the COVID-19 virus. Something that caught the attention of the European country is that since the beginning of the pandemic the main strategy was to keep the establishments open and that, to date, the use of face masks is not mandatory.

Currently not even King Carlos XVI Gustavo approves the measures adopted by the country and lamented the 7 thousand 802 deaths that this has caused. During a broadcast on SVT the monarch declared: “I think we have failed. We have a large number of deaths and it is terrible. It is something that we all suffer.” He also spoke of the grief families have faced: “The Swedish people have suffered enormously under difficult conditions. Think of all the family members who have not been able to say goodbye to their sick relatives. I think it is a heavy and traumatic experience. not being able to say a warm goodbye. “

Experts have seen the monarch’s statement as a criticism of the government, since the king does not usually give such comments. For the same television station, law professor Henrik Wenander declared: “It is surprising and unusual that he speaks in this way. He has a role as a unifying figure for all of Sweden, he should not express himself as if he had a different opinion than the current government. The role of the king according to the constitution is to be a symbolic figure.”

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