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After the new strain of the coronavirus was seen in England, Switzerland imposed a 10-day mandatory quarantine rule for those coming from this country.

Some of the tourists, who considered their holidays more important than the coronavirus epidemic, escaped from quarantine despite all warnings.

According to local media reports, about 200 of the 420 British tourists who were in the city of Verbier who were supposed to be in quarantine, disappeared.

The escape of the tourists was noticed by the hotel staff, who saw that the breakfast trays had not been touched.

In his statement on the incident, Jean-Marc Sandoz, the spokesperson of the Municipality of Bagnes, to which Verbier is affiliated, evaluated the situation as “the worst week our society has witnessed”.

Stating that the number of people staying in quarantine in the ski center does not exceed 10, Sandoz said, “We cannot blame them either, quarantine is a difficult situation, think about 4 people staying in a 20 square meter hotel room.” made his comment.

Seen in 2 people so far
The variant of the coronavirus seen in the UK was also found in Switzerland. It has been stated that the new type of the virus has been detected in two people in the country so far.

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