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The founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, said it was strange if the information that appeared in the last hours about Apple’s supposed project to produce electric vehicles is true and revealed that years ago he tried to sell his company to the company of the bitten apple.

Musk acknowledged that “in the darkest days of the Model 3 program, I contacted Tim Cook (CEO of the firm) to discuss the possibility of Apple buying Tesla (for a tenth of our current value).”

“He refused to accept a meeting,” Musk added.

The businessman was also surprised about the information that appeared in the last hours that Apple is developing an electric vehicle based on a radical new type of battery design that would reduce costs and expand the range of vehicles.

According to the US media, the battery that Apple would use is a “single cell” design, which would allow the introduction of more “active material” and made with lithium-ferrophosphate as it has a lower tendency to overheat, which makes it safer.

But Musk pointed out that Tesla is already using ferrophosphate for the mid-range cars produced at our Shanghai factory and that a single cell is electrochemically impossible, as the maximum voltage is roughly 100 times too low.

“Maybe they meant that cells are attached to one another, like our structural battery pack?” Musk wondered.

Reports on Apple’s car project, known as Project Titan and rumored for years, indicate that the company known for its iPhones and iPads would be interested in producing an autonomous vehicle for mass consumption.

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