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As if all the content on Disney Plus and Netflix were not enough, the yellow family prepares special chapters for this season.

” The Simpsons” is still one of the favorite animated series and recently became a trend on social networks after the special they will have for Christmas and New Year was announced. 

Titled ” Yellow Christmas “, the special will feature some chapters already known to fans of the famous family, such as “Marge would not be proud” and “Miracle on the Ave Always.” 

The Christmas special can be seen through the FOX channel starting at 04:00 in the afternoon of this Friday, December 25. In addition, as part of the title of the special, the movie “Minions” will be screened. 

The Simpsons on New Years
The predictions of “The Simpsons” are something that have sounded throughout this 2020, as some of them have turned out to be correct in the middle of a chaotic year and for this reason the New Year’s special will be dedicated to them. 

With the title ” Simpson Predictions ” a count will be made of those that emerged throughout the 31 seasons, which have gone viral on social networks. 

This special can be seen on Thursday, December 31 from 04:00 in the afternoon, among the chapters is that of “Bart to the future” in which he predicted that Donald Trump would be president of the United States. 


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