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Three teenagers broke into a house last Sunday to kidnap a man and then torture him. Everything that happened was transmitted through Instagram live , so a user who noticed what happened decided to report them to the Police.

The gruesome event occurred in the Valencian town of Benicarl√≥, when the three minors broke into the squatter’s home, where they kidnapped, tied up and tortured him to broadcast him on the networks. However, a live viewer recorded everything they showed and presented it to the Civil Guard headquarters, which ended up arresting the criminals.

With the images in hand, the researchers began the arduous task of collecting the evidence and. They found the address of the squatter’s house, which was located at 18 San Isidro Street. But the most striking thing was that apparently the victim and his attackers knew each other.

To this hypothesis it was added that the main reason why the attack had been carried out was due to an economic issue and that the intention of the young people was to appropriate the money that the man apparently had in the bank.

In the video they broadcast on the social network, it could be seen that the man, who was handcuffed, was tortured with a wrench and an industrial mixer . But what was most outrageous was that the perpetrators seemed to enjoy the victim’s pleas for the abuse to stop.

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