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Just in case there was any doubt, they dressed the same. Prey for a few years of journalistic curiosity, Charlie Woods played his first 18 holes in the PGATour yesterday. He did it with his father Tiger, both in purple, Bishop and black as the bullfighting chronicles would say. He supposed to play with his idol and to whom he will inevitably be compared in every gesture he makes. Some are in the DNA, like walking into the hole when kicking without waiting to know the result. He is 11 years old and has an advantage: his father does not exert any pressure on him. Nothing to do with the paternal emotional component that Tiger carried with the late Earl almost from the age of three.

The boy had already made the news in August , when in a children’s tournament in Florida he had won by taking five shots to the second in a single day and on a shortstop, but he had not been the focus of attention in a televised tournament like the PNC Championship, that 16 golfers play as a 36-hole team in two days and that Thursday and Friday he had a double bow, in which only Tiger participated in the pair.

The format is the most favorable for amateur companions . Each player hits a shot and they choose which is the best placed ball. From there each one plays another shot and they choose again. Charlie is by far the youngest of the contenders, where children abound, but also other relatives like BubbaWatson’s father-in-law.

Charlie moved with the freshness of the unconscious and the serenity of the veteran. He fist collided with his father on each hit and took a shot at hole 3, which is currently orbiting on social media. It was a 5 wood from 159 meters on a par 5 that he nailed a meter from the hole. Still more darts would be drawn. He started the best of Tiger’s smiles, to whom the 2020 season has not given him excessive joys. From the sixth position with which he started the damn year he has gone to the fortieth and in the nine tournaments he has played he has only had a decent performance: he was ninth at the Farmers, his first tournament of the course.


“It reminds me of my father and me when I was that age, ” Tiger told GolfTV a few months ago. “I wish I could move like he does. I analyze his swing all the time. I wish I could rotate like that and turn my head like that and do some of those positions, but those days are over and I have to relive them through him. the right path. Asks the right questions. “

The swing of Charlie, second son from the ended marriage to Ellen Nordgreen, has astonished Tiger’s professional colleagues who had not had the chance to see him. “There are three swings that drive me crazy: Gary Player, Lee Trevino [who are 85 and 81, respectively] and Charlie,” Padraig Harrington, captain of the European RyderCup team, told ‘GolfWeek’.

Charlie enjoyed the lesson from the best teacher. In the tournament, with 62 strokes, they finished sixth to 4 of the Kuchar after the first day. Matt partners with his 13-year-old son Cameron Cole. They signed 58 blows between the two. Too much of a disadvantage, even, for the best golfer of the century. Or from history.

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