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It has been several months since the couple recovered from the terrible disease, however they announced that their bodies are alert to a possible reinfection. Meanwhile, they donate plasma and blood for studies associated with the search for a new vaccine.

Rita Wilson, who along with her husband Tom Hanks starred in one of the first public cases of positive for the new coronavirus, revealed that they still have antibodies against the disease.

It’s been nine months since Wilson and Hanks recovered from COVID-19 and the actress participates in a program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) that tests the amount of antibodies in her blood every two months.

While on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Wilson said, “They test us and we still have them so far. They decrease as time passes since the infection, but they are still there helping us ”.

They would not have revealed that part of their lives if the comedian had not commented that he felt totally comfortable with both of them on set since they were surely “brimming with antibodies.”

UCLA has revealed that in many cases the antibodies stay in people for a long period of time to prevent relapse.

In another interview that the famous couple gave, this time to the podcast “Wait, wait. Don’t tell me ”from MSN, stated that they are volunteers for research and experiments looking for a vaccine to eliminate the disease.

“The question is, what happens now? What do we do now? Can we do something? In fact, we just found out that we carry the antibodies… They not only contacted us, we said, ‘Do you want our blood? Can we give plasma? ‘ And indeed we will, ”Hanks said.

That is why they participate in a medical study to see if their antibodies are helpful to scientists working for a cure.

However, it was not easy to live with the disease for a few days, especially since the symptoms varied for the actors. Hanks said his wife felt much more severe symptoms than he did. He had a high fever and lost his sense of smell and taste. On the other hand, he felt a lot of fatigue. “It had bones that looked like they were made from soda cracker,” he described. “We had no idea how it could have happened or where we got infected,” he concluded.

Fortunately, the diagnosis they have at this time is more favorable and allows them to carry out their daily activities, continue with film recordings and their work in general.

Scientists say that reinfection in the case of COVID-19 is not surprising, but it does offer some details on how immune an individual is. This detail has serious implications in the creation of a final vaccine and for that reason there is no definitive one to this day.

Factors such as old age, pre-existing diseases or a weak immune system facilitate reinfection.

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