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1. Michael Jordan  Titles: 6. Averages: 30’1 points, 6’2 rebounds and 5’3 assists. “As he won he became a global icon. His game crossed the court and his brilliance on the court defined the parameters of a new generation of players » …

2. LeBron James  Titles: 3. Averages: 27’1 points, 7’4 rebounds and 7’4 assists. “He has built his game on power, but his passing ability is perhaps his best virtue. He has reinvented the way to enjoy an athlete in his best form » …

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar  Titles: 6. Averages: 24’6 points, 11’2 rebounds and 3’6 assists. «No one in history can match his long record. His hook was unstoppable and it can be argued that it was not dazzling but not that there is someone better » …

4. Bill Russell  Titles: 11. Averages: 15’1 points, 22’5 rebounds and 4’3 assists. «The biggest winner in basketball history. He turned the Celtics into a defensive fortress and was the perfect contrast for Chamberlain, as well as a player who would never have been out of tune at any time ” …

5. ‘Magic’ Johnson  Titles: 5. Averages: 19’5 points, 7’2 rebounds and 11’2 assists. “He revolutionized the game by being such a high point guard. He was a winner, a transcendent passer, a machine to make plays to record and a walking triple-double » …

6. Wilt Chamberlain  Titles: 2. Averages: 30’1 points, 22’9 rebounds and 4’4 assists. He was ahead of his time. Their numbers are legendary. The only reason he is not higher on these lists is because he only won two championships » …

7. Larry Bird  Titles: 3. Averages: 24’3 points, 10 rebounds and 6.3 assists. “He and Magic revitalized basketball and the Celtics-Lakers rivalry. Until the arrival of LeBron James, he could be considered the best forward ever » …

8. Tim Duncan Titles: 5. Averages: 19 points, 10’8 rebounds and 2.2 blocks. “He dominated for two decades on both sides of the court with a simple arsenal: mid-range shooting and a perfect defensive positioning, to place himself as one of the best winners” …

9. Kobe Bryant Titles: 5. Averages: 25 points, 5’2 rebounds and 4’7 assists. “Above his statistical performance, the legacy that Kobe Bryant leaves is his affable mentality and his unbridled ambition to become a master of this sport” …

10. Shaquille O’Neal Titles: 4. Averages: 23’7 points, 10’9 rebounds and 2’3 blocks. “This Hall of Fame center transformed the game with a combination of agility, explosiveness and size that the League had never seen before” 


While the top 10 list is clearly done base on stats, accollades and impact in the game. There are still something that fans may question the panels like Kobe Bryant over Tim Duncan or Lebron James should be the GOAT. While this is just a list for now LBJ vs MJ debate is not yet done until Lebron James career is over.

11. Oscar Robertson 

12. Hakeem Olajuwon 

13. Stephen Curry 

14. Kevin Durant 

15. Julius Erving 

16. Jerry West 

17. Karl Malone 

18. Moses Malone 

19. Dirk Nowitzki 

20. Kevin Garnett 

21. Scottie Pippen 

22. Elgin Baylor 

23. Charles Barkley 

24. David Robinson 

25. Kawhi Leonard 

26. Dwyane Wade 

27. Giannis Antetokounmpo 

28. John Stockton 

29. Allen Iverson 

30. Steve Nash 

31. Isiah Thomas 

32. James Harden 

33. John Havlicek 

34. George Mikan 

35. Jason Kidd 

36. Kevin McHale 

37. Pat Ewing 

38. Bob Pettit 

39. Walt Frazier 

40. Chris Paul 

41. Bob Cousy 

42. Russell Westbrook 

43. Rick Barry 

44. Elvin Hayes 

45. Anthony Davis 

46. ​​Dominique Wilkins 

47. George Gervin 

48. Bill Walton 

49. Reggie Miller 

50. Wes Unseld 

51. James Worthy 

52. Tracy McGrady 

53. Gary Payton 

54. Paul Pierce 

55. Vince Carter 

56. Ray Allen 

57. Clyde Drexler 

58. Manu Ginobili 

59. Bob McAdoo 

60. Willis Reed 

61. Robert Parish 

62. Dennis Rodman 

63. Alonso Mourning 

64. Earl Monroe 

65. Pau Gasol 

66. Dave Cowens 

67. Alex English 

68. Pete Maravich 

69. Bernard King 

70. Tony Parker 

71. Bob Lanier 

72. Damian Lillard 

73. Dikembe Mutombo 

74. Artis Gilmore

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