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Instagram is a huge platform that is so popular in the world where celebrities spread their being socialites, hype atheletes and common users rise as influencers. This is the list of all user accounts not owned by brand or organization ranked top 10 in the present year 2021 and updated on a regular basis.  

10. KENDALL JENNER [173M Followers]

@kendalljenner got 145 Million Followers as of today. Her account is updated that contains photoshoots and fashion, personal selfies and shots of her private life.

9. JUSTIN BIEBER [181M Followers]

@justinbiber one of the biggest celebrity in the music industry specially pop is no surprise to be in this list. His account is updated with some celebrity hangouts, party, animated pictures and pranks.

8. BEYONCE [191M Followers]

@beyonce account  is straightforward most are photos of her concerts, work related activities and some personal related shots.

7. LIONEL MESSI [232M Followers]

@leomessi one of the most famous soccer player features photos of him kicking soccer ball or playing, personal life and events related details.

6. KIM KARDASHIAN [233M Followers]

@kimkardashian account is same as the Kardashians and Jenner family. More on modelling pictures, events and personal or family related photos. 

5. SELENA GOMEZ [245M Followers]

@selenagomez pop star cutie now adding sexy pictures and her friends but aside from music related photos we’re expecting more, she chose to involve in some conversation about polical related topics.

4. KYLIE JENNER [246M Followers]

@kyliejenner is still no doubt one the biggest star of Instagram, or once a queen for having the most liked post. Her account is more on personal life and work related photos.

3. ARIANA GRANDE [251M Followers]​

@arianagrande the most famous Instagram account owned by one of the most popular singer in the planet is full of pictures during concerts, celebrities and music related personal shots.

2. DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON [253M Followers]

@therock former WWE superstar now world famous actor with numerous movies in the recent years took the 3rd spot. His account is full of behind the scenes shoots, gym and family related shots.

1. CRISTIANO RONALDO [315M Followers]

@cristiano is the most followed human bein on earth. His profile shows shots playing soccer, family pictures and positive experiences and events. 

And here is the top 10 lists of most followed accounts owned by individual personalities. Cristiano Ronaldo is far on top with more than 30 million advantage to the next in rank Ariana Grande and the rest are a bit closer to each other in terms of difference. 

While in the list there are three related celebrities from Kardashian family Kim, Kendall and Kylie as well as Khloe not in the list but trailing to snatch a spot with all the attention they’re gathering recently. The family is garnering more followers as the reality show of the family ends.

Others in the list are music celebrities and Cristiano Ronaldo rival and friend Lionel Messi. That emphasize that football or soccer sports is really the favorite worldwide followed by basketball.

If the list will include brands, Instagram account in this social media platform will lead on top with more than 300 million followers followed by National Geographic 149 million followers and may kick one of the Kardashian family member Kendall on the top 10 ranks.

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Ria Anggraini
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Danish shaikh
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