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Technology is advancing rapidly and users are increasingly demanding better performance from their phones. These are the three new generation cell phones most awaited by the vast majority of Android users.

Some details about the characteristics of these devices are already known, those that will come out in this next 2021 and that are giving much to talk about.

Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy S21 series is just a month away from its release , and with that official debut fast approaching, versions of the device will inevitably start to leak.

The main technology blogs are betting on this device as one of the most powerful competitors in the new generation of high-end cell phones. It will come with one of the most recent processors on the market, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

This means that it will be much faster than its predecessors. Like other equipment planned for 2021, this cell phone will have 5G technology and a storage capacity of 128 RAM and 256 GB, in addition to a 4800 mAh battery.

Xiaomi Mi 11
Although the official information about this device remains a mystery, the expert user community assures that the Mi 11 will have improvements in the design sections and in the set of cameras.

Like the S21, in terms of core processor the Mi 11 will carry the next generation flagship chip, the Snapdragon 888 processor.

Other specifications that are anticipated in the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro would be an 8GB RAM, 5G technology and a high-capacity battery with support for fast-charging technology. The high-end variant could also arrive with even faster charging support.

Sources tweeted at the beginning of the month that the phone would arrive at the end of December instead of the beginning of 2021, as other sources circulating on the network consider.

Nokia 9.3 Pure View
Nokia is working on the successor to the 9 PureView , which was released last year. Unfortunately the phone, despite being one of the most anticipated among Android users interested in photography, is also one of the most overdue in terms of its release.

The camera is anticipated to receive a considerable improvement over its predecessor. Although the Nokia 9 PureView had five sensors on the back, it was not the best when it came to the photographic aspect.

Rumors say that Nokia will go with a more traditional, wide, telephoto camera design this time around and that they are also working to improve their operating system.

The release date of Nokia’s next Android phone has yet to be announced. The phone was originally expected to make its debut sometime in November, but the Finnish company has delayed its launch until 2021.

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