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The year 2020 has undoubtedly brought many changes that take place within digitality, mobile devices have become an indispensable component of our daily life and various and useful applications have emerged for Android , below we will tell you what they are:

Read Along

This is an application that emerged in India in 2019 under the name of Bolo, and now with its update to new languages, including Spanish, it reaches Spanish speakers under the name “Read Along”. Its target audience is infants, for whom it has various activities and games that will help them become familiar with the language and improve their reading skills.

Camera Go

This application, not yet available on Google Play but can be downloaded by other means, can be a great option to improve the
quality in your photographs if the app installed on your device does not convince you. It’s simple, free, and lightweight, plus it doesn’t have ads.

Ultra Volume

Apparently the applications that promise to improve those already included in your phone, have swept this 2020. In this case “Ultra Volume” can be useful to handle the settings of this function in your phone differently. With it you can manage the design and colors that you choose for these controls.

Shadow Weather

In the context of the pandemic, there are undoubtedly several factors to take into account before leaving home, one of them is the weather. This application has a forecast of several hours, as well as information regarding air speed or storm threat and can even forecast the weather for the next 10 days. It’s on Google Play and it’s also free.

Disney +

To stay at home, it is important to have entertainment and what better way than to access the wide catalog of Disney movies, with the option to download them to watch them later or offline, and to be able to enjoy them from your tablet, cell phone, computer or Smart TV.

Net Speed ​​Indicator

It is used to see the use of data in real time, you can know the speed and use of the network at all times to know the cause of an anomaly such as slow internet. It has notifications that will generate warnings about it and it is free.


A keyboard similar to the native Android keyboard, free, ad-free and open source. Its disadvantage is that in terms of customization of the design it is still somewhat behind, and does not have writing through gestures.


This application is ideal for improving the quality of photographs, whether they are taken by you or downloaded. Its function is to clean the photos, blurred or damaged by means of artificial intelligence, to download it you should only view an ad no longer than 15 seconds, and you will have your photo optimized for free.

One Jotter

It has an aesthetic similar to that of Google Keep, it allows you to synchronize your notes in the cloud and to always carry them with you. It has a calendar view, so you can configure them according to the day you need them, it is customizable, free and you can protect your confidentiality by means of your fingerprint.

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