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My Poor Angel/Home Alone
It is the quintessential Christmas classic. The tape sterilized by Macaulay Culkin in 1990 quickly became a favorite of the season. It has four sequels, but only in the second part all the original cast repeat their roles. ‘My Poor Angel’ or ‘Home Alone’  can be seen on Disney Plus.

The Grinch
Another of the strong titles every Christmas. There are two versions. The best known is the one in which Jim Carrey plays the Grinch,  one of the most endearing characters in Dr. Seuss literature. In addition, the interpretation in the Latin Spanish dubbing by Mario Castañeda (who also gives voice to Goku) is a plus for the film.

The second version is animated and has been released a couple of years ago. Although it does not have the popularity of the film ‘live action’, it is more faithful to the original story of the Dr. Seuss tale. This time, the dubbing in Latin Spanish for the character of the Grinch is  in charge of Eugenio Derbez.

Frozen 1 and 2
Without a doubt ‘ Frozen’ and ‘Frozen II’ are already part of the new Disney classics . Although the theme of the plot is not purely Christmas, it does feature some seasonal specials that further reinforce its interest in people this season.

The entire ‘ Frozen’ saga , including the two main films and Olaf’s Christmas specials, can be found on the Disney Plus platform.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 
We move on to one of the most recent releases of the season and that is that ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’  is already one of the most viewed movies on Netflix Mexico. The first part, released in 2018, was well received by critics and users by showing a fresher vision of the typical story of children helping Santa Claus  save Christmas .

However, ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’  has had a better reception still, as the main characters returned to their roles and new ones are included that help improve what was seen in the previous installment. As we already mentioned, it is a Netflix movie , so it can only be seen on this platform.

The Promised Gift
This movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of those classics that happen on Open TV that although they are not the best, they always bring a smile. The story is about a father who goes out of his way to get an action figure for his son, as it is the gift he most wants for Christmas. The tape is available on Disney Plus.

Star Wars
The ‘ Star Wars’ saga needs no introduction. It is one of the most important franchises in the film industry. Although since the acquisition by Disney has had its ups and downs, in recent weeks there has been a rebound in the interest of the community thanks to ‘ The Mandalorian’ , where Mando and Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda , enter .

All Star Wars movies and series , including ‘The Mandalorian’ are available on Disney Plus . They can also be rented or purchased on YouTube  , but individually.

With the ‘Shrek’  saga, the same thing happens as with Frozen,  although the main films do not have much to do with Christmas, if they have seasonal specials where all the characters appear.

The ‘Shrek’ Christmas specials can be seen on Netflix , where the main movie series and the ‘Puss in Boots’ spinoff are also available . The first movie is also included in the Amazon Prime subscription.

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