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Toyota presented in Japan a new mini electric car that, in addition to the facilities for urban mobility, offers low-cost benefits. Called “C + pod”, it has space for two passengers and a range of 150 kilometers. 

Opening the way in new segments, the Japanese brand stepped on the terrain of electric mini cars or urban quadricycles, which every day increase their offer and gain followers. The Toyota C + pod raises a standard, simple and economical concept .

The model was launched in the Japanese market and at the moment it will only be sold to corporate clients and government officials , while the general public will only be able to purchase it until 2022 . Its prototype was unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. 

Its dimensions range from 2.4 meters in length , 1.5 meters in length and 1.2 meters in width. For its part, the wheelbase of 1.7 meters and the ground clearance of 145 mm. Another key figure is its weight, of only 670 or 679 kilograms , depending on the version. 

As never seen before, the brand of large trucks and pick-ups will sell its first model in a ‘small package’. The new Toyota C + pod, on the outside, reveals a conventional design with a front part composed of a piece of black plastic , and a set of LED lighting. 

In the center is the emblem of the brand, and just below is the charging port . From its rear view, a completely flat figure with vertical lights and another thick plastic molding. It offers five colors to paint its two-tone body and three options of three tones, the wheels are 13 inches. 

Its cabin is also basic in concept, there are two seats and on the front panel, contrary to what might be expected, there are no digital screens but small monochrome screens and the functions are controlled by physical buttons . The steering wheel is also conventional. 

Intended to offer urban mobility services, the Toyota C + pod has an electric motor that produces 12.5 horsepower and 56 Nm of torque . The battery located on the floor of the vehicle has a capacity of 9.06 kWh, the maximum speed is 60 km / h and its autonomy range of 150 kilometers. 

Other elements that reinforce its powertrain are disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear and McPherson suspension . The model is available in two trim levels, the first “X” and the highest “G”.

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