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Twitter revealed the 10 people who tweeted the most in 2020 . Meet the characters that starred in the conversations of the year.

1. Donald Trump

The US president was the person who was tweeted the most in 2020. Trump was at the center of the talks for a variety of reasons: government decisions, controversial statements and his participation in the US elections.

His phrases like “ Fake News! ”(Fake News!) And“ Fraud! ”Were recurring in his speeches of the year.

2. Joe Biden

The Democratic presidential candidate won more than 80 million votes in the 2020 elections, becoming the most voted in American history.

Within days of being confirmed president-elect by the Electoral College , Biden became the second most tweeted person in 2020.

3. George Floyd

African-American George Floyd was suffocated to death by police officers in May and sparked a wave of protests in the United States against racism and impunity.

His last words (“I can’t breathe!”) Will go down in history and he will be remembered as the third most tweeted person in 2020.

4. Kobe Bryant

Athlete Kobe Bryant died in a tragic accident in January 2020 that also claimed the life of his daughter Gianna Bryant . His passing shocked Twitter users.

5. Barack Obama

The former US president gave something to talk about in 2020. His tweet about Kobe Bryant was one of the ones that received the most “likes” during the year.

6. BTS

South Korean band BTS became the most tweeted music group in 2020. In addition, they managed to earn a Grammy nomination.

7. Narendra Modi

The prime minister of India was also one of the most tweeted personalities of 2020.

8. Kanye West

The American rapper made headlines for running as a presidential candidate, a decision that was not without controversy and eccentricities.

9. Elon Musk

The entrepreneur was on the lips of many in 2020. His cutting-edge initiatives such as SpaceX and NeuraLink have surprised many.

10. Kamala Harris

The descendant of immigrants has become the country’s first female vice president and also the first woman of color to hold that position. In addition, she is the only woman among the 10 people who were tweeted the most in 2020.

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