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The health authorities of the United Kingdom warned today about the new strain of coronavirus detected in South Africa since they found that it is even more contagious than that detected in England.

The British Government Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, also reported that two cases of the virus mutation from the southern African country were identified in the European country. 

“It is more contagious and appears to have mutated more than the new variant that was identified in the UK,” said the English official, who said that this situation “is highly worrying.”

The authorities placed restrictions on travel from South Africa, while those who have traveled to that country and their contacts must quarantine to prevent the spread of this strain.

Yesterday, Professor Ian Sanne, from the Ministerial Advisory Committee of the African country, indicated, however, that it would not be another strain but a variant and that it is unknown if it is more dangerous than the previous one.

As researchers try to figure out the implications of the mutations , the truth is that the UK now has to deal with not one but two highly contagious variants of the coronavirus.

For now, the rest of the countries are taking measures to prevent the mutated coronavirus from spreading through their territories. This is why many canceled their connections to the UK and / or South Africa.

Although it is not yet known for sure if the vaccines will indeed work for these new variants from South Africa  and the United Kingdom , scientists suggest that they will.

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