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The finals of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Japanese online tournament were recently held where the producer Tomoko Hiroki showed us all the latest arrival of a new endearing character to the game.

After almost 3 years since the release of “Dragon Ball FighterZ” , developed by the Arc System Works studio and Bandai Namco, it has not stopped surprising us with the inclusion of characters from all eras and times is enough, from the powerful Bardock who tried to defend the planet Vegita to the newly confirmed Tsufurujin Baby possessing Vegeta’s body as seen in “Dragon Ball GT”.

Baby is one of the most powerful villains in the Dragon Ball franchise (Sure if we count GTwhich unfortunately is not a canonical story), in the new trailer we were shown his special movements and abilities, as expected he is able to invade the body of his rivals and use the assists of his defeated enemies.

Also we showed us their deadly techniques, the Final Flash Vegeta , transforming as Ōzaru giant Dorado and big ball of resentment, a kind of negative Genkidama created by feelings of hatred toward the Saiyan Tsufurujin.

Super Baby Vegeta 2 will come to “Dragon Ball FighterZ” as part of the FighterZ 3 pass, this being the fourth character of the pass on January 15th.

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