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Did you know that some processes like being in a video call or making backup copies can raise the temperature of the iPhone?

The cell phones do not have ventilation system as computers or video game consoles, however, some tend to increase the temperature a bit especially when they carry out certain tasks; what is not normal is that they overheat extremely.

Some iPhone users have repeatedly reported that they have noticed how their smartphone overheats a lot – for no apparent reason-; Some technology analysts point out that there are some reasons why the temperature of the iPhone rises “more than normal” and that they would still be within normal parameters.

Some of them are setting up the equipment for the first time, ¬†using the phone in a place where it is very hot, using it while it is backing up , as well as prolonging a video call or using the camera for a long time; however, this shouldn’t be cause for alarm, as Apple has ruled out fire hazards on its phones.

IPhones have a protection system that warns the user about a possible overheating of the equipment and that puts the phone on stand-by until the temperature is regulated.

Other tips to reduce iPhone overheating include:

  1. The simplest thing in the world, remove the cover for a few minutes to help in the process of regulating the temperature.
  2. Use your iPhone in a place with a suitable temperature ; According to the specialized site La Manzana Bordida, the ideal is to use it between -20 and 45 degrees.
  3. It will sound ridiculous, but don’t put any extremely cold objects on it.
  4. If you are not using it when it detects overheating, turn it off for a few minutes.
  5. If the temperature increase of your iPhone is frequent there are two options, restore it with factory settings or make a backup and restore it.

    If none of these tips work, your best bet is to make an appointment with Apple support to have your iPhone checked and told why it is overheating.
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