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Zac Efron wanted to test his skills when cutting hair and the guinea pig was his own barber.
Last weekend, Zac Efron went to the Attaboy barbershop in Australia to get a haircut , and it was right there that his desire to become a hairdresser invaded him and he wanted to test his skills in the art of scissors.

The barber shop shared through his Instagram account some photos of the actor’s debut as a stylist , who in addition to receiving the cut he wanted, demonstrated his skills.

” Zac Efron went over to Attaboy Kent Twoen to fix it today, so we gave him a ‘mullet’ (hair style that is characterized by being short on top of the head and long at the nape). He (Zac) also got it. gave our boss, Robby, a cut , made him feel 17 again , “the post can read.

And apparently Zac did not do so badly , because the owner of the place was enchanted with his new court.

Perhaps with a little more practice, Efron in addition to being a star could be the stylist of the stars.

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