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Some faces you just can not forget.That was the assumed lurking in the rear of our heads as we attempted to determine why the wrongdoer at the heart of Netflix’s Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer seemed so acquainted to us. As true criminal offense fans, we’ve taken in several hrs of bone-chilling docu-series and imaginary films concerning serial awesomes.

Still, as we tuned into the Netflix docu-series for the very first time, which went down on Jan. 13, Richard Ramirez‘s face was eerily familiar to us. Soon, it struck us that period nine of American Horror Story had actually incorporated Ramirez’s haunting murders into their narrative.

So, it had not been technically Ramirez who we were acknowledging, it was the actor that depicted the respected killer. As well as while American Horror Story: 1984 had not been a precise retelling of Ramirez’s criminal activities, actor Zach Villa was just as distressing as the real-life killer he was depicting.

This isn’t the first time that serial awesomes have gotten the Hollywood treatment. several of your favored stars have played some of history’s most terrible bad guys.


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