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The South Korean federal government has actually hit back at the resistance, rejecting cases it transferred to shut its own nuclear plant earlier than arranged in order to buildone in North Korea.

“Chairman Kim’s [Kim Chong-in, South Korea’s opposition leader] remarks are absurd insurance claims, as well as even if the election is in advance, it is hardly thought that words from the resistance agents are believable,” said federal government spokesperson Kang Min-seok on Friday.

“Chairman Kim must take responsibility … the federal government will certainly respond, consisting of [taking] lawful procedures,” Kang added.

The representative’s comments come after Kim Chong-in, leader of the main opposition People Power Party, chewed out Moon Jae-in’s federal government for allegedly preparing to privately build a nuclear power plant in North Korea.” According to public data, the Moon Jae-in administration tried to close the South Korean nuclear reactor and build a nuclear power plant in North Korea in extreme secrecy,” Kim mentioned. Additionally on ‘Creative technique’: South Korea recommends North must

Ice up ALL’nuclear activities ‘simply to’begin’rapprochement with United States In 2018, Moon’s federal government made a decision to decommission a South Korean activator, the Wolsong No. 1, earlier than arranged, pointing out feasibility researches and also in line with President Moon’s promise to terminate nuclear power.

Last month, prosecutors indicted three energy ministry authorities on costs of harmful public documents, complying with a state auditor’s investigation.South Korean broadcaster SBS reported that a variety of files had actually been recouped that recommended the government was taking into consideration constructing a nuclear plant in North Korea. Amongst the data concerned were one labelled “A strategy to construct a nuclear plant in North Korea”and one more entitled”Tasks for phased teamwork to establish electrical power facilities in North Korea, “according to SBS. The broadcaster declared that a minimum of 6 files were dated May 2018 .

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