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Thursday after making “utterly degrading” sexual remarks about fellow UFC fighter Megan Anderson, UFC bantamweight Casey Kenney faced widespread criticism and gave an apology to the female featherweight title challenger with whom he would share a card at UFC 259.

Co-hosted by Tim Welch and Sean O’Malley, Kenney came under fire for his words on “The Timbo Sugarshow” podcast. Welch asked Kenney if he would “smash” Anderson, meaning to have sex with her. He openly answered the question.

“Probably not, man,” Kenney said, laughing. “She’s not too … well, I mean, if it came down to it, and it was like 5 a.m., 4, she’s a 5 a.m.-er, 4 a.m.-er. Just us two hanging out, like, ‘F*ck it, let’s do it.’”

On Twitter and seen by Anderson, that portion of the interview was shared. She quoted-tweeted it and expressed discomfort at having to share with Kenney the March 6 card.


The UFC did not immediately respond to the request for comment from MMA Junkie on Anderson’s concerns.

Kenney apologized directly to her within 90 minutes of Anderson’s response.

“I’m sorry this upset you,” he wrote. “I will be more careful with my words. I was just answering a question and thought it was all a joking matter. I see I was wrong and I’m sorry. Best of luck with training camp and your fight.”

As part of a championship triple header at the UFC 259 pay-per-view, Anderson, 30, is scheduled to challenge dual champion Amanda Nunes for the women’s 145-pound belt. In the biggest fight of his career against former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, Kenney, 29, will look for his fourth consecutive victory.

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