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The year 2020 ended well for AMD with the record of Advanced Micro Devices Inc (NASDAQ:AMD) stock gained 86.8% and on last day December 31, 2020 it had a closing price of $91.71 value.

“Advanced Micro Devices produces semiconductor products and devices. The stock outperformed due to healthy growth in the personal computer and data center server markets. The company also continues to gain share against its major competitor, which is having significant issues in its next generation products. Furthermore, investors have appreciated the margins and profitability the company has been posting in addition to the topline strength.”, Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund said:

And AMD is looking forward at 2021 as great as previous year with the statement of AMD CEO Lisa Su in the last quarter of 2020.

“We’ve spent a lot of time talking to our customers and their customers’ customers, and I think what you’ll hear is that, really, we think this is more of a longer-lasting situation where the PC has just become essential,” Su said.

“And so you know the idea that a household, you could do one PC per household, perhaps if you’re only using it an hour a day, it makes sense,” she continued. “But now it’s really about one PC per person.”

“I think we see 2021 as a growth year for PCs, which perhaps we haven’t heard in a while,” Su said. “And more importantly, I think the product portfolio that we have is sort of very focused on some of these higher and feature sets as well, that we think will play well for our long-term share gain prospects.”

While Intel the sole dominant competitor of AMD in manufacturing processors released their hopeful statements for their investors. 

“We cannot fathom how the boards who presided over Intel’s decline could have permitted management to fritter away the company’s leading market position,” Loeb wrote to Intel Chairman Omar Ishrak. “Stakeholders will no longer tolerate such apparent abdications of duty.”

“The loss of manufacturing leadership and other missteps have allowed several semiconductor competitors to leverage TSMC’s and Samsung’s process technology prowess and gain significant market share at Intel’s expense,” Loeb wrote.

It was a great year for AMD and tough year for Intel, although demands is in the IT market amid pandemic however, the leadership in global demand sides on AMD. 

Consumer reviews channels delivered significant impact for AMD’s fast rising demands as hardware benchmarks side AMD in both production and gaming. In recent years, AMD is trailing over Intel in gaming however with the latest 7nm architecture Ryzen series AMD tweaked with higher clock performance flipped the results. Intel’s dominance is now questionable this 2021 if they can still cope up to with the competition without any adjustments.

Hardware Unboxed released their comparison showing AMD Ryzen previous generation versus Intel latest generation.

While Gamer Nexus also showed intricate benchmarks to show the comparison of Intel and AMD.

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