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Britain is braced for more snowfall as swathes of England and Wales face ice warnings and temperatures plunge to minus degrees after days of torrential downpour.

The mercury will drop as low as minus 6C overnight in England, with the potential for chills of minus 10C and minus 15C in parts of Scotland, according to the Met Office.

Hundreds of flood warnings also remain in place after waters rose treacherously in several areas across England. The wintry weather will continue into next week with even heavier rain which will turn into snow in the icy air, according to meteorologists.

A pedestrian wades through the flooded towpath in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire after the weekend downpour. Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna urged commuters to be careful of slippery surfaces as snowfall could come as early as today in the Cotswolds, Wales and parts of Northern Ireland.

Mr Petagna said: “We can expect little bits and pieces of snow in the next few days as well as patchy snow later today around Wales, Northern Ireland, and maybe a bit in the Cotswolds, also a few wintry showers around northeast Scotland. It’s similar going into tomorrow as well mainly on higher ground, nothing too unusual for this time of year but more significant in parts of Scotland. It could be slippery and people need to be careful for slippery surfaces.”

A yellow warning for ice stretching from western Welsh coasts across to London and East Anglia came into force on 8pm on Saturday, and lasts until 11am on Sunday.

On Saturday evening, the Environment Agency announced more than 90 flood warnings across England, alongside 243 less serious flood alerts, after the country was ravaged by rain throughout the day.

A yellow weather warning is in place for heavy snowfall across most of North Wales. In Gloucestershire on Saturday morning showed a children’s playground submerged in Tewkesbury and cars driving through rising waters in Lower Apperley.
Cars drive through the flooded country lanes in Oxford as the area is ravaged with rain. Police in Hertfordshire reported “extensive flooding” affecting a number of properties in Long Marston on Saturday afternoon, after heavy rain fell throughout the day.

There was similar chaos in Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, where water was seen creeping on to the towpath, surrounding benches and inching towards riverside homes.

Ice warnings cover Britain as temperatures plummet to -6 overnight. After a brief lull with more settled conditions next week, Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said: “It gets a bit more interesting as we go into Tuesday and the middle of the week.”

He predicted a “much heavier” band of rain to arrive overnight on Monday into Tuesday which will “quickly turn to snow as it bumps up against cold air”.

The Met Office extended their severe weather warning for Devon and Cornwall for rain until 8pm Saturday evening. 
Further yellow weather warnings have been triggered for snow and ice on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Northern England and parts of Wales could see snow “pretty much anywhere”, with 1cm to 5cm likely at lower levels and 5cm to 10cm possible in the hills.

Higher regions could get “up to 20cm or so though the course of the day”, and Mr Partridge predicted that Trans-Pennine routes could face yet more disruptions on Tuesday.


A yellow warning for ice lasts until 11am covers a stretch from western Welsh coasts to London and East Anglia. Hundreds of flood warnings across parts of England stay in place from Saturday evening.


Temperatures plunge as low as -16C in parts of Scotland and -6C in England overnight following the rainfall last week as swathes of the UK brace for an even heavier downpour.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

An overnight deluge hitting on Monday into Tuesday is expected to give way to snow reaching up to 10cm in higher regions. Yellow warnings for snow and ice on Tuesday and Wednesday, with snow predicted “almost anywhere” across northern England and Wales.

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