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LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A famous hotel visited often by celebrities is now the subject of a racial discrimination lawsuit.

For many A-listers, the landmark Chateau Marmont hotel, nestled on a hill overlooking the Sunset Strip, is a getaway.

It is described by a former employee behind the scenes as anything but calm and relaxing.

“I got to a point where I just said enough, this is not okay,” said former employee Thomasina Gross.

Before being let go last March due to the pandemic, Gross served at Chateau Marmont as a banquet server.

She is one of two former workers who, claiming racial discrimination and sexual harassment, have brought a lawsuit against the hotel.

“For promotions and coveted positions such as restaurant server, Gross claims management skipped over her, claiming “most restaurant servers are young, slim, and light-skinned or white” and that “most less desirable positions are filled by employees of color.

“To then have someone else hired that was white more than one time and then having to basically train them it was really disheartening,” Gross said.

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