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After years of research, a  team of scientists  from the Scripps Research Center (USA) has discovered the  chemical compound  responsible for creating the  first building blocks of DNA , a finding that reinforces a novel theory about the origin of life on our planet.

In an article published recently in the journal  Angewandte Chemie , the authors propose that diamidophosphate (DAP), a simple compound present on Earth before life emerged, could have chemically linked the tiny building blocks of DNA, known as deoxynucleotides. , in extensive strands of primordial DNA.

Thanks to the simple compound called diamidophosphate ( DAP ), a product of the combination of DNA and RNA in the early stages of life and formation of the planet.

According to this new research, he explains that there is a high possibility that DNA and RNA resulted from chemical reactions derived from diamiphosphate and the like, which is why the first replicating cells, molecules or particles (one of the simplest forms of life) exist as result of this.

The findings of this research give us one more indication of how life could have originated on Earth . Specifically, it also gives us a way forward in the investigations of DNA and RNA as self-replicating biological complexes and how they could spread in the early stages of our planet.

“This finding is an important step towards developing a detailed chemical model of how the first life forms originated on Earth. Now that we understand better how a primordial chemical could have formed the first DNA and RNA , we can start using mixtures of basic components of ribonucleosides and deoxynucleosides to see what chimeric molecules are formed, and if they can self – replicate and evolve ” Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy , author of the research, finds in this study, published in the journal Angewandte Chemie. 

This research also has its controversial part, since it contrasts with the postulate that RNA is a much more basic compound, which is why it could not exist at the same time as DNA in the early formation of terrestrial life.

However, the study published by Krishnamurthy managed to show that RNA could not be the first self-replicating mixture on Earth since its composition, being not very elastic, does not allow it to replicate in a simple way by itself. Only a combination of both would be able to do it.


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