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(Reuters) – A roundup of some of the recent clinical research on the novel coronavirus and attempts to classify therapies and vaccines for the virus-induced disease COVID-19 is presented below.

Severity of gut bacteria related to COVID-19, immune response

Researchers stated in the journal Gut on Monday that the microscopic organisms residing in our intestines can affect the severity of COVID-19 and the body’s immune response to it, and could account for lingering symptoms. They observed that in COVID-19 patients, the gut microorganisms were very different from those in uninfected individuals.

“COVID patients lack certain good bacteria known to regulate our immune system,” said Dr. Siew Ng of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

After the virus is gone, the presence of an irregular set of gut bacteria, or’ dysbiosis,’ remains and could play a role in the long-lasting symptoms that plague many patients, she said. The oral formula of live bacteria known as probiotics and a special capsule have been developed by her team to protect the species before they enter the stomach.”Compared with patients on standard care, our pilot clinical study showed that more COVID patients who received our microbiome immunity formula achieved complete symptom resolution,” Ng said, adding that those who got it had significantly reduced markers for inflammation in their blood, increased favorable bacteria in their stool and they developed neutralizing antibodies to the virus. (

Researchers reported on Wednesday in Occupational Medicine that nearly half of the workers employed in intensive care units (ICU) in England had extreme anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, with some feeling they might be better off dead. In June and July, the analysis was carried out – before Britain started witnessing the current rise in hospitalizations. About 700 healthcare employees out of more than

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