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India Kisan Andolan - Delhi Police Commissioner said

WORLD NEWS India – The authorities on Wednesday shared info on the violence throughout the tractor parade of farmers in Delhi. Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava can be found in front of the media at around 8.15 pm as well as held the farmers’ leaders responsible for the physical violence. He said that the peasant leaders damaged the promise, offered provocative speeches as well as this was the factor for the violence.

The cop’s commissioner claimed that we have video footage, knowledge information and all are under examination. He stated that whoever was found in charge of the physical violence, will not save him. Farmers damage the problems set after 5 rounds of meeting, SN Srivastava stated,’ On January 26, we had actually offered some terms and conditions for the farmer’s tractor rally.

Our first problem was that the Kisan Rally need to start at 12 pm and also end at 5 pm. Farmer Leader Lead the tractor march as well as remain on the cutting edge, to make sure that they can manage the batch. There should not be greater than 5000 tractors in the rally and also there need to not be any kind of tool, spear, sword like that. Discipline stayed in the rally. All these conditions were accepted by the farmer leaders after a 5 round conference. It was only on 25 that the farmers were disobeying the promise he claimed, ‘on the night of 25 January, we came to know that the farmers were relinquishing their assurances. Throughout the rally, he advanced the intense individuals. Such individuals were caught on the phase as well as they gave inflammatory speeches.

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This removed his intentions. These people began the progress on the 26th January at 8.30 am on the Singhu boundary. According to the contract, they must have turned right, they did not go there and rested on the dharna. His leader Satnam Pannu gave a provocative speech. The peasants bent on damaging barriers. Darshan Pal likewise refused to go the suggested path. Farmer leaders asked to damage barriers, Srivastava said, ‘Protestors started running from Tikri and Ghazipur in the same way at 8.30 am. When the farmers were asked to start the ceremony at 12 o’clock, they did not agree as well as broke the barriers and continued. Provided provocative speeches of their leader Satnam Singh Pannu. He spoke of breaking barriers. After this, physical violence started. The farmers that came out of Tikri organized a sit-in at Nangloi. These individuals also broke barriers and fully committed physical violence. Eliminating roadway obstructs from a container, these people reached the Red Fort. The farmers that appeared of Ghazipur damaged barriers at Akshardham. These farmers likewise reached the Red Fort.

We had alternatives, yet we selected moderation he claimed, ‘Police worked out restriction during the violence. We had all the alternatives, but we picked the mode of moderation. We did this since we did not want the loss of building and home. This was the agreement of both people. We intended to have a serene rally. This physical violence is due to non-acceptance of terms as well as all the farmer leaders have actually been involved in this.

No person’s life was shed to the police he stated, ‘394 police officers are wounded. Some police officers are additionally in ICU. 828 authorities barricades, 8 tires, 4 steel entrances, 30 police vehicles, 6 dumpers, and also containers were damaged. Despite this physical violence, not a bachelor passed away at the hands of the authorities. The authorities managed all these circumstances with restraint. We just utilized tear gas.

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Taking the flag-raising at the Red Fort seriously, the police commissioner claimed,’ The paths through which the farmers reached the Red Fort, they also installed a lot more religious flags of the organizations there. I wish to point out that we are taking seriously the illegal movement in Delhi and also the physical violence and hoisting of the flag on the Red Fort residential or commercial property of the Archaeological Department during that time. We have video clip footage of the perpetrators and are being evaluated. A lawsuit will certainly be taken by arresting such people. Thus far Delhi Police has actually registered more than 25 instances.

Farmer companies will be purely doubted and after that action taken According to info obtained by WorldNews superfast, he stated, ’25 FIRs have been filed so far in the violence instance. 19 accused have been detained. At the same time, 50 suspects are being wondered about in wardship. The wrongdoers are being determined through CCTV footage and also a face acknowledgment system. Examination, as well as action, is continuing. One point I want to inform every person is that no accused will be launched. Activity will be taken versus whoever is a farmer leader as well as if he is found associated with it. Delhi Police will certainly question farmer organizations as well as take action to shield the country.
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