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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler separated nine months ago, but they placed an Instagram photo with a mysterious caption on a united front over the weekend that has led to a lot of speculation.

“The world is full of users,” the Very Cavallari star, 34, captioned the photo which shows her shoulder to shoulder with the former football player. “10 years. Can’t break that.” (Cutler, 37, posted exactly the same thing.)

However, a rekindled romance has been debunked. People magazine reports that the exes — who share kids Camden, 8, Jaxon, 6, and Saylor, 5 — are not back together, with a source saying, “They are friends and single. They will always have each other’s back no matter what.”

One of the many comments was from her BFF Justin Anderson, who wrote, “There’s a calmness in the nashville air tonight lovies ♥️😍love you guys,” leading to speculation that there was more than just a friendly ex situation.

The “single” status of the Uncommon James owner refers to her post-breakup romance with comedian Jeff Dye too. People also say that they are no longer dating Cavallari and Dye, who were seen kissing in Chicago in October and later took a trip to Mexico.


And what is the unified front with Cavallari and Cutler all about? Another wrote, “I AM BOTH CLUELESS AND CAPTIVATED.” It’s frustrating, even to their greatest fans, as many comments on the images called for them to “explain” as they “get the award for the most confusing caption.”

Oh, it’s no accident that the photo saga bubbled up just before the “dropped receipts” of Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy Sunday intimating a short-lived fling with Cutler. She shared screenshots of a thread of a text message, all a little ambiguous as LeCroy seems to have lost pieces, but Cutler, who is based in Nashville like Cavallari, wrote to her about his plans to meet her in Charleston.

Though a juicer thread followed when Cutler suggested LeCroy said something about Cavallari.

“I’ve never said anything about Kristin nor would I,” she wrote. “I came into this honestly with good intentions. I want no part of being involved in a payback or drama. But you initiated and pursued. If you weren’t interested in something real you shouldn’t have…,” the next word being blocked out, “with me.”

She also wrote, “Kept my mouth shut until I got called a liar…”

Making things more complex, Cavallari had a cosy night out with Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll in December, who is also the ex-boyfriend of LeCroy. Cavallari was dancing around on Kroll’s shoulders that night, and the scene prompted Cavallari and Kroll to both openly reject a relationship later on.

So, this is where the latest picture of Cavallari and Cutler comes into play. She allegedly used her Instagram stories to make fun of Cavallari being on LeCroy’s shoulders by mimicking the pose with one of her friends before LeCroy shared “receipts.” She also allegedly indicated that Cutler was “relieved” to have broken from Cavallari, and made remarks on the upbringing of Cavallari.

So it suggests that Cavallari and Cutler were responding to LeCroy with their photo, which LeCroy then commented on, writing in Cutler’s comments, “I told you it would all workout.”

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