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(Reuters) -A roundup of some of the recent clinical research on the novel coronavirus and attempts to find drugs and vaccines for the virus-induced disease COVID-19 is as follows.

According to a panel of experts from 29 hospitals across North America who reviewed the available evidence, antibody therapies for COVID-19 should not be used as of now to treat infections with the latest coronavirus in children or adolescents, “including those … at high risk of progression to hospitalization or severe disease,” Antibody drugs – Eli Lilly and Co bamlanivimab and Combi Combi

But in a paper published on Sunday in the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, the panel of experts said: “The course of COVID-19 in children and adolescents is typically mild and there is no high-quality evidence supporting any high risk groups. There is no evidence for safety and efficacy of monoclonal antibody therapy for treatment of COVID-19 in children or adolescents, limited evidence of modest benefit in adults, and evidence for potential harm.”

Pandemic disinfecting puts asthmatics at risk

Increased cleaning during the pandemic by people with asthma may cause flares of their disease, a new study suggests. The percentage that disinfected surfaces with bleach at least five days a week increased by 155 percent after the pandemic began, researchers who surveyed 795 U.S. adults with asthma between May and September found usage of Disinfection.

A study suggests that news stories regarding critically ill COVID-19 patients treated with a last-ditch procedure referred to as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, or ECMO, could paint an unrealistic image of results. Blood is pumped outside the body during ECMO into a system that extracts carbon dioxide and adds oxygen until the blood is returned back to the body. In a summary of stories in the media.

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