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Pakistan Supreme Court convicts US journalist's killers innocent, US says no


Pakistan News – According to information received by WorldNews superfast, it has been just 9 days for the new government to take power in the US, but the tension in its relationship with Pakistan has been revealed. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the release of the American journalist Daniel Pearl accused in the 2002 murder of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh as innocent. America is infuriated by it. The White House said on Thursday evening – this attitude cannot be tolerated in the case of terrorism. According to information received by World News superfast, Daniel Pearl was a Wall Street journalist. He was kidnapped in Pakistan in 2002. He was later beheaded. Many accused in this case were arrested, but no sentence was pronounced. What did America say. According to information received by WorldNews superfast, Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Thursday held the government guilty and ordered his release. Pearl’s family alleges that the Pakistan government wants to save Sheikh and the rest of the people, so only concrete evidence against him was not produced in the Supreme Court and the lower court. Now Joe Biden Administration in America took a tough stand on this matter. According to information received by WorldNews superfast, White House press secretary Jane Paski said – this is to make fun of justice. We are strongly angry with this attitude of Pakistan. This cannot be tolerated. We appreciated it when Pearl’s killers were arrested. Pearl’s family also expected justice. But, what is happening now cannot be tolerated.

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ISI hatched a plot to kill Pearl. According to information received by World News superfast, in 2002 Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl visited Pakistan, according to reports from the US media. They were gathering information about the relationship between terrorist organization al-Qaeda and Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. He had gathered many evidences. Meanwhile, he was abducted one day. Pearl was beheaded after torture for several days. The United States expressed strong opposition to the incident. Under pressure, the government of Pakistan arrested four people on charges of killing Pearl. The main accused was Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh. Not justice even after 19 years. According to information received by World News superfast, cases have been going on against Pearl’s killers in different courts of Pakistan for 19 years, but no evidence was ever presented against him. The case finally reached the Supreme Court and a decision to release him was also pronounced from there. Now the Government of Pakistan is under pressure. The government of Sindh province has said that it will challenge this decision again. Indian connection of this case in 1999, a plane of Air India was hijacked and taken to Kandahar, Afghanistan. It had 150 passengers. To save the lives of the passengers, the Indian government had released some terrorists. These included Jaish-e-Mohammed’s mastermind Masood Azhar besides Saeed. Three years after the incident, Saeed carried out Pearl’s murder.

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