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In county hospitals, the number of coronavirus patients continued to decrease, from 1,521 on Friday to 1,442 on Saturday.

In the ICU, the number of people drops from 426 to 394.

In the ICU, the number of individuals drops from 426 to 394.

The modified ICU capability of the county remains at zero, but 47 percent of its ventilators are accessible in the county.

Disneyland’s large-scale vaccination center, which was shut down on Friday because of stormy weather, was expected to reopen on Saturday. At an indoor site at Soka, vaccines were also doled out

Earlier this week, Orange County CEO Frank Kim said he was “obviously concerned” that the Disneyland site had to be shut down by the county, and disappointed that officials don’t have a long-term view of when more vaccinations will arrive.

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